A Garden by the Sea

Imagine yourself sipping lemonade on a warm summer day, while overlooking the beautiful Italian seaside, breathing in the crisp, sea-salt air. Take a few seconds on that. Now let me tell you that… Continue reading

Sisters’ Night Out at Bulgogi Brothers

What is the best way to spend Payday? Is it, (a) sit down and budget the cash you have until the next payday? (b) Pay all debts and bills? Or is it (c)… Continue reading

Four Weeks.

Twenty-eight days. Six hundred and seventy-two hours. Forty thousand, three hundred and twenty minutes. Two million, four hundred and nineteen thousand, and two hundred seconds. I haven’t been in her car for almost… Continue reading

Struck with Awe: Chris Colfer’s Struck By Lightning Movie Review

What do you call a twenty-two year old actor, singer, New York Times Bestselling Author, one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential in 2011, and the writer and producer of his very own… Continue reading

Let’s Be Friends

Break-ups can be painful and scarring, but no one can deny that they’re part of life. They shape us just as much as relationships do. We’re built up, not only by the things… Continue reading

Taxi Cabs, Condoms, and Catholicism

Why is it that, in the Philippines, Taxi Cab drivers are picky when it comes to their customers? And on a side note, why do beggars complain when they get small donations? Because… Continue reading

Jingling All the Way to Bono Tei

I don’t know what it is about my family and Japanese cuisine that we decide to have Japanese food for Christmas dinner, just like we did last year. Last year’s Christmas feast was… Continue reading

The 2013 Watch List

Seems like the world decided to celebrate its survival from various doomsday prophecies by providing us with the best films. Twenty-thirteen definitely gives us plenty to look forward to, with all of the… Continue reading

WordPress on Windows 8

If you see this article, don’t mind me. I’m just checking out the new WordPress.com app for Windows 8. Having recently joined the Microsoft Student Partners program in our university as a Junior… Continue reading

The Circus of Dreams, Destiny and Defiance

Magic, Mystery, Love and Clockwork—The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is a verbal scrapbook that brings to life a fantastical story of love and destiny so unlike every other romance novel out there.… Continue reading