A Habit Too Hard To Break: FE2011

Remember, Mmina, when this used to be your life?

Remember, Mmina, when he used to be the most important person in your list of priorities?

Remember, all those days in the summer, when your calculus class would end by lunch, but you’d end up staying around Taft until 10pm? Remember, when you’d be online until 2am, talking to eager incoming frosh? Remember when you had so many ideas, but had to hold back and let the Frosh do things on their own? Remember those days when you met so many amazing people, and spent hours with them every night? Remember when you had to check every classroom and say goodbye to everyone you knew on your floor before going home?

Remember Freshmen Elections 2011?

It’s sad to know and painful to actually admit that it’s finally over.

Freshmen Elections 2011 was when we finally got one amazing and truly brave Salmon into the College of Science.

Jan Pereche, you are amazing and we love you and your dimples. ♥

FE2011 was when I re-connected with my daughter Aira Lheiz Aquino. It was when I saw so many fresh faces, and met so many young, wonderful souls, and tried to help them grow into the phenomenal leaders that we know they are.

This was when you stayed up late in campus with these amazing people.

Those were the days when you found Queenie Reyes’ energy truly contagious, just as her bright smile and amazing wit.

Those were the moments when you watched her smile, cry, think, laugh, command, get sick, cut class, study for an exam, be amazing.

FE11 was when you watched her move like the boss that she is, heard her compliment Jus & Jerry’s chicken as the ‘BEST. CHICKEN. EVER.‘, and giggled with her about belts and an inside joke about them.

It was when I watched him be noisy, be quiet, dance ‘Teach me how to Dougie’ and ‘Catdaddy’, be serious, be mischievous, be everything, be phenomenal.

FE11 was when I fell in and out of love, created closeness and developed distance with someone so unexpected. FE11 was when he built me up, and was when I broke myself down as I watched him fade away. FE11 was when you watched him grow up, and grow apart from you. FE11 was when I got myself so hurt, but also so insanely happy that everything’s just back to normal, like nothing happened.

Back to normal.

Like nothing happened.

Did nothing really happen? Maybe it was all just a dream. Everything that happened in those two, three months are gone now. All that’s left are pictures, frozen fragments of memories from a fleeting moment in time. All you have now is a huge chunk of nothing, and everything–everything you can never have again.

Now what?

Nothing. We’re back to papers, exams, free time, internet, the friends we couldn’t spend time with. It’s called the restoration of normalcy. And let me tell you, it’s never a fundamentally pleasant experience.

Looking at what was once your everything, and knowing that it’s nothing to you now–pain. Sheer, utter, irrefutable, insurmountable pain. And you just have to deal with it. Move on. That’s life.

But we move on, thankful. We leave with a smile on our faces, knowing that the path we’re taking now would not be possible without those times. We grow away from that time in the past and continue the journey knowing that there’s far more in life to discover, to experience, to enjoy.

Thank you, FE11. For everything.



One thought on “A Habit Too Hard To Break: FE2011

  1. “Nostalgia. It’s delicate, but potent. In Greek, it means ‘the pain from an old wound’. It’s a twinge in your heart, more powerful than memory alone. Its device isn’t a space ship, its a time machine. It goes backwards and forwards. It takes us to a place where we ache to go again…” – Don Draper, from Mad Men

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