Tree Planting 2k11

30th July 2011

Took me about five hundred or so bucks to buy an exaggerated amount of snack food for this trip. Passed them around the bus a couple of times before they were successfully consumed.

People from Math Circle, the other ASO’s and CGS were there.

The Vice Dean for the College of Science

Oh, and Vice Dean Yu. (Hiiii Vice Dean!)

Can’t really say much other than the fact that OKAY, SO WE PLANTED TREES UP A ROCKY MOUNTAIN. IT FELT LIKE SOME NAT GEO SHOW, MAN.

These kinds of things, you can’t really put them in stories or blogs. You can take pictures, sure. (And I had plenty amazing shots, yeah.) But the best part about these things is actually being there, living in the very moment. Losing your breath, climbing up that mountain, counting every step you take; going off the path and standing on rocks, afraid to fall into a pit covered in wild grass; getting wet in the rain; almost falling off a rock because the moss was so slippery; carrying a dripping bag of seedlings, feeling your fingers go numb from the very weight of them; people wiping their muddy hands at the back of your white shirt–(heyyyy JC!!)–and everything else.

Life is just too exciting to type about, sometimes.


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