As the World Folds Over

Finals today! For MATH115, ie. calculus; the kind of calculus that not even the engineering students have.

Multiple integrals, multivariable differentials, polar graphs, improper integrals, sequences and series, tests for convergence–what?

I know for plenty of you, the school year just started. And for a lot of those in the Philippines, midterms week or first quarter just ended. However, for us university kids from trimestral systems, we’re already having finals! Yay speedy education cramming five months worth of math into three! We understood nothing!

I’m really afraid that I will be failing my major classes this term. All my math classes seem to be in danger. MATH115, for one. I thought I was passing; but then the last two quizzes were a flop. And For the final few weeks, I couldn’t keep awake in class at all due to illness (heeeere we go again.) Same goes for INTOSET, except for that, I haven’t passed even one quiz. Not a single one. It’s a nightmare.

And much worse, being a statistics major, I haven’t even passed a quiz in STATPAC (Statistical Packages). It’s really difficult when you know /how/ to interpret the data, but you don’t know the syntax properly enough to get the codes right. The statistics lab–I used to love that place, but now it just gives me the chills. There were only two exams for this the entire term. And for every exam, there were about three or four pages each; I only answer one page and leave the rest blank. I couldn’t finish anything. So I get about fifteen to twenty per cent right. Even if I get my final paper in and perfect it, I’ll never pass that class. Never. I’m doomed.

Buuuut. That doesn’t keep me from trying. I’m still going to do that paper; still going to study for all these exams. (I have three, by the way!) I was never the giver-upper sort of kid. So I guess I’ll just have to keep trying!

And if I fail, who’s to say I didn’t do enough?


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