Term Break Narratives III: Lunar Tea and Intergalactic Panna Cotta

29th August 2011

After about two full days with my best friends, you’d think that I have had my fix. Not quite. Right on the next day, we had planned on visiting the North this time, Quezon City, for some bubble tea Xela’s been raving about.

And because I’m such a horrible narrative writer (boring, IMHO, possibly due to years of news writing and less of creative storytelling) we will now segue into a critique of the said tea place.

Moon Leaf Tea Shop is one of the best I’ve been to. As a self-proclaimed bubble tea enthusiast, of course I didn’t pass up the opportunity to sample a new brand. The moment Bubble Tea Tokyo Milk Tea Place opened up in Shaw, Bubble Tea has been a regular craving. In Taft Ave. alone, there’s Zen Tea, Cha Time and Simple Life, and a few less expensive ones like Tea Delight and Pao-Pao Xiao Chi, enough for a quick drink along with a light afternoon snack. I have yet to visit Serenitea and Happy Lemon, and that other, more serious tea place around Katipunan area, with an AZN-ish enough name for me to not remember. (I just searched for it; Cha Dao Tea Place–sounds legit.)

Now, the 411 on MoonLeaf Tea Shop, and my three happy adventurers, Addy, Xela and Jovanni.

By the time I arrived at the MRT Station at Boni Avenue, I was about thirty minutes late for the two o’clock call time we had promised ourselves. They were standing around there, waiting, leaning on the railings. I was waving at them, but I guess they didn’t notice–until I intentionally made noise and shook them by the shoulders.

We rode off to Quezon Ave., took a Jeep to Philcoa, and rode a tricycle to Maginhawa St. in UP Village. Nothing about Tricycles have changed. They’re still cramped, still dusty, and their engines are still noisier than a truck of swine. Attempting to have a conversation in one, we’d be broken off by the mechanical growls every turn of the corner. It got so bad, that when we’d talk, we’d intentionally break off the sentence and finish off with a “BRRRRRTTTTS,” ourselves. Just in case.

When we got off, the gate looked like any humble residential area, just as any other. But once we got in, people were packed in the patio–actually it was a garage, with tables and chairs and a truckload of customers. The inside, however, was warm and welcoming, but had that fun, youthful and almost energetic vibe to it. The tables and chairs were only wooden stools painted in white, but they were sufficient and complimentary to the entire area. There was a pigeon hole filled with origami. Notes, ads and doodles were tacked to the cork boards. It seemed like such a perfect hangout for the students of the State University. Wasn’t much of a wonder why the line stretched to the outside of the store.

Noting this down for future reference. Orders were as follows:

  1. Vanilla Milk Tea, J.
  2. Oolong Milk Tea, X.
  3. Jasmine Milk Tea & Banoffee Pie, M.
  4. I don’t know what you ordered & Banoffee Pie, A.

There was a proper amount of milk, and a certain kind of sweet creaminess about them–but you don’t lose the taste and feel of the tea. It isn’t too dense, and it doesn’t overpower the supposedly light nature of tea itself. The pearls weren’t in the consistency that I liked, but they were good enough. The oolong and jasmine were of such good quality that you can really still taste the difference in the tea.

The manager even chatted us up. He was handing out samples for their new product to be released the week after our visit (and though I promised to come back, I still haven’t! Ugh!) It was yogurt tea. And though it will be newly introduced to the selection for MoonLeaf, I have certainly seen this in the nearby bubble milk tea places. Difference, though, the consistency that the samples from Moon Leaf were definitely better. And I am definitely looking forward to having one the next time I come around.

Before we left, we had a second round of drinks and dessert.

  1. Lychee Aloe Vera & Green and White Matcha Panna Cotta, M.
  2. Wintermelon Tea, X.
  3. Jasmine Milk Tea, J.
  4. I can’t consume anymore liquids else I’ll explode, A.

The Matcha Panna Cotta was creamy, but firm in consistency, with just the right kind of sweetness. I barely taste the Matcha Green Tea, but it was an altogether good Panna Cotta.

We left, after tacking our notes and doodles to the board. We took a bus to Shaw Boulevard, and separated ways. Xela was supposed to meet up with her sister for a movie, but ended up going home. Addy rode a jeep home, while Jovanni and I went straight to PureGold to meet up with my mother who just finished grocery shopping and my sister who was driving us home. We took the groceries, stored them, had dinner–laing, Taro leaves in spicy coconut milk with sauteed shrimps, mmm–and then headed back to Shaw for a movie.

Little Sean just had phenomenal grades, so we thought of rewarding her with a night out. Cars 2. Eddie Izzard’s voice acting mixed in with a clean but deliciously twisted plot, perfect animation, witty script, insanely creative character design and a little bit of fairy dust made the movie nothing short of the consistently amazing, memorable and truly magical works of art Disney-Pixar has to offer.

Pixar, you’ve done it again.

Definitely not regretting watching Cars 2 over Final Destination 5.



4 thoughts on “Term Break Narratives III: Lunar Tea and Intergalactic Panna Cotta

  1. […] I first visited MoonLeaf at their Maginhawa Branch with a couple of best friends. I got myself some Jasmine Milk and a bit of Matcha Panna Cotta. Before we left, the manager of the branch asked us to try some samples for their new yogurt tea.  And I asked if they’ll be putting up a shop around Taft Avenue. MLTS usually targets student-high locations, especially those of the top universities in the Metro. The first to have a nearby MLTS would be UP, followed by UST, ADMU, and now our very own De La Salle University – Manila. The manager promised us that for all branches opening up, they will exhibit the same relaxing, refreshing style as the original branch. And this promise has been kept, as seen from the above photo of the store. […]

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