Heart on a Coffee Sleeve

Behold. A total of twenty-five coffee sleeves which I have collected since March 2010.

Our little story begins with one coffee sleeve that wanted to change the world.

At a Seattle’s Best located at a stop-over at SLEX, as the senior batch was on its way to Batangas, I had ordered a Raspberry Mocha Kiss, hot with an extra shot, with a friend named Maricris. Now, Maricris was one of the only three in our batch who dared take this road to Actuarial Sciences with me. And as we read what said on the sleeve, “the record is 84,” we thought to ourselves, why don’t we turn things around? Why don’t we collect 84 coffee sleeves? Or more, even. It became a sort of contest for both of us. Of course, we never really meant to follow through. Still, it was a fun idea. And though she might no longer be collecting them, I still do.

On a lighter, brighter memory, we look to these two sleeves from BLENZ Canadian Coffee Shop. One of these sleeves was from the time I bought a Green Tea Matcha Latté, and introduced the wonders of green tea to my best friend Jovanni.

The other sleeve was when I watched a movie with my family, and instead of popcorn and soda, my brother was in the mood for Lasagna, which, yes, he ate in the cinemas. I had a sandwich. And also, I had a cup of Caramel Macchiato.

These are kind of painful to look at too. On one occasion, I had green tea with Jin. On another, Macchiato on the same day I saw my Koya Marc, the first after a long time of not finding each other in campus since the end of Pep Squad training.

The other sleeve was from the first time Jovanni had entered campus, and I treated her to some Turtle Pie, Toblerone Cheesecake and New York Cheesecake at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf located in the cybernook inside our library. (Yes. We have a coffee shop in the library.) I had a cinnamon mocha, while I treated her to some salted caramel latte. I managed to get her into campus due to a charity concert held there by Children’s Hour. This was also the day when she met Jin.

And the last one was from the summer, when we hung out with the freshmen at that branch of Coffee Bean in the University Mall. I had a Macchiato exactly on that day when I was about to go to Aster’s 18th birthday at Intramuros, and I was still at CBTL waiting for a friend. D was still sticking around, though he had an important dinner with his family, until I could get in touch with that friend.

See, I told you these sleeves had so many memories attached to them.

For one of these sleeves, I had been treated by my sister to a cup of macchiato for my sixteenth birthday. For one of these sleeves, Addy did exactly the same thing. For one of these sleeves, I had treated my drummer bro’s to Starbucks randomly. For one of these sleeves, I had had coffee with one of my Korean classmates on the first week of class. For one of these sleeves, I brought coffee to my grandmother’s wake, preparing for a night of no sleep and all-study, as her funeral had fallen on the same day as my statistics exam. And for one of these sleeves . . .  And I don’t know. There’s just a lot.

Christmas! Now, my sister is an avid collector of Starbucks’ planners. So it’s quite expected that every year, I’d have a lot of Christmas-themed sleeves. I’ve had one of these from the New Year’s Pyromusical display at MoA, and just before we watched the display, we purchased coffee.

Also, there was this time that having tutored Therese, whose father was an engineer for Starbucks, they gave me a couple of Starbucks’ coupons for Christmas. I used them to treat my family and myself to some coffee.

I’m fairly certain that I should have more sleeves than those in the current count. Perhaps next time, when I find them. My collection’s kind of scattered around the house.

I know that I might be killing trees for this, and collecting things in general are usually quite pointless. But memories are never pointless, and feelings are fleeting–sometimes, we need to find things to remind ourselves of just how human we were at those times.


4 thoughts on “Heart on a Coffee Sleeve

  1. No matter how long or short your post was, you were still perfectly attached to your emotions while I read. You obsessed coffee-person! Let’s have a cup or two when we hang out next time.

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