Merche Tolentino is one of the most creative, open, patient, loving, and truly beatiful people out there.

She also kind of reminds me of a Lady Gaga-Anna Wentour hybrid. Combo bonus!

She is a history major, who is truly, truly talented in illustration and graphic arts. Her style is a mix of surrealism with the influence of idealistic beauty. She’s also really good with Anime/Manga styled drawings, among others. Tool of the trade? Wacom Bamboo Pen+Touch. She keeps her art stuff in a tumblr account under the name ‘mmmerche’.

She’s recently started on blogging, after this day (October 6, 2011) when I took note of her  outfit in one of our classes together. She had expressed an interest in writing about fashion, arts and history. Now, she has a WordPress under the same name as her tumblr. Thaaaat’s right. Click the link.

If this doesn’t define quirky, creative and adorable, I don’t know what would.

Her current header for her WordPress inspired me to create this in my free time:

It’s just a photograph. I’d have to scan this in sometime.

Don’t you just love meeting inspiring people?


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