Reblog Therapy

It’s a good day to not write anything and just reblog, reblog, reblog.

Replurking, retweeting, reposting, sharing, linking, tagging–the virtual world is very much like our modern industries. Everyone is a consumer. But the general labor force is divided into two major factions.

There are creative minds hidden away in little rooms, often alone, sometimes in teams, or sometimes meeting up over some coffee or ramen noodles or something like that. They create art, concoct ideas, pioneer innovations, draw logos, compose music, write lyrics, design patterns, prove mathematical theorems, make illustrations, paint pictures, create props, collect and analyze data, come up with new projects, code programs, draft building structures and write stories.

And then there is an entire house filled with people who have the unscratchable itch, the unhushable urge, the deep need to share their discoveries with the world. They hunt down these little rooms with lone artists, scientists, philosophers and other brilliant minds, take pictures of them for evidence of their existence, and expose their works to the world.

It's like medical marijuana. It can screw with you at some point.
STAR: Syndrome on Tumblr Addiction and Reblogging--the side effect of therapy.It's like Medical Marijuana.

Neither sector rises above the other. They harmoniously work together to bring the best the world currently has to the entire world. It’s partly creativity and pure brilliance. And partly publicity and marketing. When people invent things, people get to find out about them. When a person produces a new movie, someone writes a review. When some artist makes typography, there are those who expose them to others. And because of such an exposure, these artists and scientists get further support for what they do.

And that’s an entirely good thing. We produce work for each other.

But then, when did you ever think about who the voice actor of a certain cartoon was? Or who was the story board artist for one particular episode? Or maybe who were the writers, character designers, the creative directors? In magazines, who edited a section? In movies, who designed the costumes? In gadgetry, who designed the glossy icons? Who coded the program?

In blogging, who wrote the quote, made the illustration, created the typography, wrote the post?

Sometimes, we’ve just lost regard for those who actually create, those who actually make magic come alive, those who write real content and not just popularize things and share what they find around the corner.

There’s never anything wrong with sharing discoveries. In fact, it’s an entirely good thing. But it’s the credit due to the original creator that isn’t given, the support which he should be getting but he doesn’t–that’s the heartbreaking part.

But I’ll try to step down and take the side of the reblogger right now. It’s time I thank the people who share things, who retweet news, who repost quotes. They’re like teachers, who restate information and make knowledge available to a class of ready learners. Thank you, reblogger, for teaching me, for showing me new things everyday, and sharing with me the wider world you see. And because of you, like any teacher, you have made the span of my world view much, much more expansive.

It's a Way of Life

And I guess that is the reason why a blogging platform like Tumblr works out fairly well. We’re able to see everything, the entire world, from our own countries, to those faraway, into the minds of the artistic, around the wits of the comedic, through the opinions of the socially concerned, into the wardrobe of a fashion savvy hipster, through the lenses of an avid traveler, around bookshelves, music collections and movie posters of media buffs. It’s why Tumblr was able to become a “lifestyle”, so says its users. When the internet was established, it was meant to make the world seem smaller, be connected to everyone and everything with a click of a mouse. And Tumblr perfectly accomplishes exactly this: to expand the reach of its users, to be able to discover and view the entire world and beyond. Information is now viral. Content is now within reach.

Reblog Therapy is best when it feels like your world is small, closed, when destiny seems to be unchangeable, and when it is as if no one in this universe could ever understand you. You go through your dashboard and prove to yourself that all these horrible opinions are entirely wrong.

There is an entire world out there. A brand new discovery is a reblog away.


One thought on “Reblog Therapy

  1. Artists need to be seen, you know! But sometimes, commercialist art is not the best way for an artist to express himself or herself while trying to sell the products he or she has.

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