October 16–a video of a street surveillance camera in Foshan, Guangdong Province China taken last October 13, 2011 was posted on YouTube. The video shows how a two-year-old child, Yue Yue, who was walking on the street got run over twice. Other clips included in this video show pedestrians and passersby not doing anything, and not even taking notice of the dying child on the street.

I have never seen such shitfuckery take place:

When a humble, old rag collector took notice of the poor child on the street, she tried to ask for help, but was told by people to mind her own business. According to the details written on the video,

” The riders of four electric bicycles, a tricycle and three passers-by all chose to ignore her and no one at a shop close to the scene came to her aid.”

Photo by SINA Weibo

In a nation where survival is harsh and people are plentiful, I suppose it’s no wonder why they no longer care if one dies, especially a child with no capabilities of contributing much of anything to the nation. Is this really the price of progress? Is this what globalism has driven us to become? Have we turned into a race of unfeeling, apathetic, inhumane people?

Yue Yue, pronounced brain dead. Photo by SINA Weibo.

According to a news update reported yesterday, October 17, the child has died of severe brain injuries. The guilty driver has been detained, at least. But the driver of the truck that also ran her over is still to be identified.

The first driver admitted this over a telephone interview with the media:

 “If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan ($3,125). But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands yuan.”

If our race is incapable of giving up their personal interests for the welfare of others, then we have no chance of survival altogether. To murder, and think only of the monetary consequences upon yourself, and not the consequences brought on by the death of another–that is truly selfish.

Our brains are being consumed by little crabs, forming a mentality that leads us to push others behind for the sake of reaching the top. Self-preservation, they say. Such a glorified way of calling apathy, ignorance, indifference and the overall absence of compassion and solidarity with others.

What is the point of surviving, when you’ve killed everyone else in the process? We live not for ourselves, but we live for others. Man is a naturally relational being, and partly depends on others to have worth. If we do not give value and acknowledge the worth of other people, then who are we? What is left of us but nothing?


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