Just Do It

“We are the people we have been waiting for.”

It says so on my shirt. It may not make sense at first, but give it a little thought, and trust me, it’s the biggest piece of common sense written in bold letters. We are the people we have been waiting for. I have been waiting for change, for progress, for improvement. But I’m not supposed to wait for it; I’m supposed to go out and get it for myself, and for others. I’m supposed to be starting the change. I shouldn’t be depending on other people to feed me the answers to life’s mysteries, and discover the cure to AIDS for me. I shouldn’t be relying on people to just build houses for the poor and give health services to the sick–I’m supposed to be out there, taking part in how to make things actually happen.

I had a friend once, who went by the name Steven online, but was actually a John IRL. He needed to check his grades on his school’s online system once, but couldn’t access it and asked me to check if I could. So I did. The name of his school’s website?

Do something real.

One of the best, most inspiring names I’ve ever seen online. It’s simple, but straight to the point. Do something real. Ideas should be realized. Principles should be applied. Mere concepts are intangible unless you work on them. Dreams stay as dreams unless you wake up, and make a move to fulfill them.

I return to WordPress after a couple days off, simply because I wanted the article regarding Yue-Yue, the kid who got run over and ignored in China, to stay posted on the front of the page, without having to reduce it to the sticky’s for a while.

Just a simple update on my life. Things have been truly hectic, and work has been piling like I cannot describe. I have to handle three projects, two of which are joined in one–a Christmas drive, plus a party for cancer patients who reside at Child Haus. The next one is called Tree Doctors, a reforestation project to be held about two weeks from now. Not only will we be planting trees, we’ll also be checking on the wellness and health of the trees that are already growing in the site.

It’s a little off from all the things I wanted to accomplish, but it’s better than having done nothing. I’m always hoping to be in constant service to others, and always looking out for opportunities to pioneer certain changes in systems that I want to achieve.

Not all people are given these opportunities. And I should know, because even though I have been in the most privileged university in this country, I still see so many limitations as to what I can do. So if you ever received an opportunity to make a stand, make a difference, then don’t you even dare turn it down.


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