Suspense is a Total Killer: MoonLeaf 2012 Planner Previews

The #MoonLeaf2012Planner landed itself as the sixth top trending tweet worldwide on microblogging platform, and second in the Philippines, only last December 8, 2011.

We only know a couple of things about it so far. A few people have already received (or won) their planners. But they will be available to the general public around next week. From the tweets and announcements from @moonleafteashop, we have found out the following things:

  1. It has discount coupons, and two coupons for free drinks: one on your birthday, and one for the MLTS Anniversary.
  2. The planner’s pages include the lunar cycle on the days, because some of its discount coupons can be used only on a specified lunar state.
  3. The planner is minimalist, and its design is inspired greatly by the moon. It even has a circular cover window, showing only “2012” in the front. Its color palette reflects on the over-all store design of all the MoonLeaf branches. 
  4. For every month, it shows a beautifully designed typography piece of the month’s name, and a list of birthdays you have to remember: 
  5. The entire week will be layouted in one full spread, with a matching to-do list. 
  6. Lastly, the MoonLeaf menu, complete. “A year in MoonLeaf Tea Drinks.” And a page for notes. This will be perfect for those of you, like me, who will make it a mission to sample everything and critique everything this year. 
  7. Its thickness is 100 (moon)leaves. And I got that (moon)leaves pun from the official twitter announcement.
  8. Unlike most planners from coffee shops, the MoonLeaf Tea Shop 2012 Planner will not need a sticker promo to be purchased.
  9. It can be bought straight up from the shop in selected branches, and reservation for the planner will be available in all branches starting this Monday (December 12, 2011.)
  10. It costs only 300PHP, which in comparison to the 2000PHP approx. you spend collecting stickers for –insert coffee shop here–to get their planner, it’s a pretty good bargain. You don’t have to spend that much, and you’d still have some money left over to buy some of their amazing tea, which is also affordable like their beautiful planner.

I don’t know about you guys, but I just cannot wait for these planners to be available.

All images used in this post are from the official MoonLeafTeaShop Twitter Feed.

14 thoughts on “Suspense is a Total Killer: MoonLeaf 2012 Planner Previews

    1. The FILED2012 planner (which is here: if anyone else wants to see it) is pretty, fun and fresh, but is a bit more on the fun, childish, sketch-art, schoolkid kind of style and goes for a totally different target market / audience. :)

      And I already have the Starbucks’ SparkHope 2012 Planner (which I will review soon), but I’m still getting the MoonLeaf2012 Planner. Just because it is (a) MoonLeaf, (2) absolutely beautiful, (3) more organized/professional to look at, (4) has coupons for MLTS aaaaand (5) has 100 leaves, meaning it isn’t as thick and bulky as FILED or Starbucks’ planners and would fit perfectly in any bag.

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