The Moonlight Shines on Village Square

I don’t know how many times I’ve asked MoonLeaf Tea Shop to put itself somewhere nearer to Taft Avenue, but now, my prayers have finally been answered.

MoonLeaf Tea Shop now has a branch open at Village Square, a little walk away into Vito Cruz. It’s quaint, and for now, really quiet.

I first visited MoonLeaf at their Maginhawa Branch with a couple of best friends. I got myself some Jasmine Milk and a bit of Matcha Panna Cotta. Before we left, the manager of the branch asked us to try some samples for their new yogurt tea.  And I asked if they’ll be putting up a shop around Taft Avenue. MLTS usually targets student-high locations, especially those of the top universities in the Metro. The first to have a nearby MLTS would be UP, followed by UST, ADMU, and now our very own De La Salle University – Manila. The manager promised us that for all branches opening up, they will exhibit the same relaxing, refreshing style as the original branch. And this promise has been kept, as seen from the above photo of the store.

Here are a couple of photos from our first visit at the Maginhawa Branch, if you’d like to see them.

Everything still looks the same and still exudes that all too familiar feel. A mix of fresh and fun with clean cut lines and neutral modern-day zen. Really, the only difference this new branch has with the others would be the fact that it’s brand new and has very, very few customers–but that last one  will soon change, because I’ll be around there more often now. And you will too, right? (Or maybe it shouldn’t change, so we could force MLTS to move closer to the university? Maybe we could ask the university to have an MLTS Cybernook? Please?)

{Finally! Moonleaf // Village Square} Near Taft. Ave. — much love from LaSalle! @thoughtspresso @poshchavez

But the good thing about it not being too close to campus is that it wouldn’t be as crowded as every other coffee or tea place along Taft area, making the Village Square the perfect hideaway spot, to read and study, without being distracted by friends who will nonchalantly pass by and chat with you. Especially during Finals Week? I call it Battlefield Taft: Survival Experience. Now with MoonLeaf around, I think it’ll be easier to get by, don’t you?

If you know these two gentlemen who I heard study in CSB, then please do tell them that they make great poster boys for MoonLeaf. HAHA.

As I said, plenty of the style elements of MoonLeaf Tea Shop is retained, and the continuity is actually for the better. It’s this exact style that makes MoonLeaf not only a tea place, but an entire brand name, a style, a logo, an icon. MoonLeaf has only started up a little over a year ago, and has celebrated its first anniversary only a couple months back. But its overwhelming success has turned it into a familiar name, enough to get its own planner, like all the top coffee shops we’ve come to know and love.

The cork-boards and pigeonholes aren’t entirely unique to MoonLeaf alone, but as a tea place, I think it’s the only one I’ve seen so far that does include it. It’s one of those special things about MoonLeaf that makes it so perfect for students.

I checked the board and saw lots of LaSallian Lovin’. They even have a celebrity appearance here: DLSU-USG’s Legislative Representative Abi Inserto (second from the left) and her groupmates, who “survived because of MoonLeaf”.

Now that I have successfully managed to convince you to come over here, it’s time to answer everyone’s favorite question:

How do I get there?

Okay then. You can try walking there from Vito Cruz. Walk until you get past the Baseball Stadium, and do not take a right turn to Harrison. Instead, walk straight ahead. You will pass by (to your left) the Mang Inasal Billboard, The Buoy Restaurant and Orchid Gardens Suites. It’s a bit past Century Park Hotel, on the right side. And you will find a KFC and a Mang-Inasal, and a doorway that says HP Village Square. Go in there and you will find MoonLeaf to the right. And if you’re wondering, yes. I had to walk all the way there to find it for the first time.

If you dislike walking, then try riding on an orange shuttle jeep, which can be found at Vito Cruz after the right turn from the SB at Torre Lorenzo, and just get off once you see the KFC.

If you REALLY dislike walking, and you’re from LaSalle or CSB, then just hop onto a pedi-cab–which is actually illegal, but admit it: it’s convenient–tell the Kuya-Manong-Pedicab-Driver to drop you off at Harrison Plaza, go into the mall, and find your way into Village Square.

If you guys have never been to MoonLeaf before–and I wouldn’t blame you, especially if you’re a South or Central-East kid, because MoonLeaf mostly catered to the North before (so yay for this branch, and all their future branches down South)–and do not know what to order from there, go on ahead and check their menu on the official website.

But really, my friend Posch–just call her P!–lives at Cavite, but went to Katipunan once to check out the MoonLeaf branch there.

So yup. You have no excuse to not get a lovingly refreshing drink from MoonLeaf Tea Shop. Hihi. ♥


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