No Shit, Sheldon.

What happens when you put an obnoxious super brain and a witty, moderately sociable character together in the same apartment where they develop a best friend relationship?

You get a good TV series.

In case you’re not picking up on it yet . . .

We’re talking about CBS The Big Bang Theory and BBC Sherlock.

The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper is tall, arrogant, proud, self-absorbed however completely and undeniably genius. Leonard Hofstadter is well-meaning, but has a delicious sense of sarcasm, and an extremely disciplined patience towards Sheldon that we’re all waiting to crack.

BBC Sherlock’s tandem is nothing different. It’s the same chemistry between the two physicists put into the body of the world’s only consulting detective and his sidekick-cum-doctor-cum-military man. Sherlock is proud of himself, and he has every right to be. He’s not a know-it-all; he just really knows practically almost everyting–save for the fact that the earth revolves the sun, but whatever. And it’s just too fun to watch how John HEIMISH Watson tries so hard every time to control himself from hitting Sherlock in the face–because whenever Sherlock opens his mouth, all he hears is “punch me in the face”, but it’s usually in subtext (ref. Scandal in Belgravia). But he does openly admit just how amazing Sherlock is, not that he needs constant reminding.

And these odd couples are the best kinds of best-friendship you could ever hope to put on a show, exactly the kind of show my bestfriend and myself are huge fans of.

Maybe our friendship deserves a TV show too?

So as a tribute to BBT & Sherlock, we have combined elements of the styles of both shows into one, worn for the Philippine premiere of Guy Ritchie’s second installment to Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law’s 2009 success, the 2011 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

First off, my best friend, an undergraduate student majoring in–and I’ll never get tired of saying this–criminology.

Jovanni the Super Friend

Jovi is wearing a Superman shirt atop a white long sleeved shirt I gave as a gift in the Christmas of 2010. All in the style of Sheldon Cooper. For Christmas 2011, I gave Jovi a The Flash shirt, and I got myself a matching Green Lantern crop top. Sheldon is usually The Flash, so this year, I let her be the Sheldon for a change. But for today, we go back to our usual. She is my Leonard, being Superman just like how Hofstadter had to for every year (except on the year when Penny & Zack joined them for Season 4 Episode 11: The Justice League Recombination).

Jovi’s the friend that calls herself the “Head Priestess of Mmina’s Cult.” She’s built her own mock religion around me, in sarcastically telling me how much I walk around and expect to be treated like a goddess–I’M SORRY HIHI–but is always there just when I need her. Oh, and . . . Her glasses are framed with black plastic, but the handles are wood-textured. Neat, eh?

Now for the Sherlock elements, a pair of Deerstalker . . . Shoes? from Skechers. Okay, so they’re cloth sneaker boots with two coin buttons in the same plaid pattern cloth that we usually see Sherlock’s deerstalker hat in. (Just because we can’t find a deerstalker hat anywhere, and also, that’d be silly to wear around a mall.)

  • Chocolate Brown Coat from MANGO
  • Ecru Brogues from Shoo-In

  • Cream Cuffed Shorts from Old Navy
  • Watch by Swatch
  • Dream On Nail Polish from Sinful Colours
  • The Flash Shirt

Yeah, I don’t know where all my scarves went now. 

Ecru Brogues by Shoo In

So that’s it for this best friend fashion fandom fancam. Make sure to tune in to CBS on January 12 for the premiere of the 100th Episode of The Big Bang Theory.

And next week, Sunday on BBC will be the third episode of the second season of Sherlock. But while you’re waiting, recap with Janica Buenconsejo’s review of the second episode!

BUT MOST OF ALL, make sure to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Best viewed with matching annoying best friend, yeah?


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