Cupcake Salvation: Sophie’s Mom

Stacey’s Mom might have it going on, but Sophie’s Mom has a fresh batch of cupcakes in the oven every day.

On a five-hour break with Hedda Damasco the other day, she invited me to go to Makati to visit a nice new cupcake place her friend had recommended. So we hopped on a cab and made our way to Unit 111, 8760 Residences, Santol cor Aranga Sts, San Antonio Village, Makati.

We knew instantly that we were at the right place the moment we saw the adorable powder blue signage designed by Nina Martinez. The huge windows allow passersby to see a quaint and picturesque store. Inside, rows and rows of cupcakes are lined on white plates on the center table. Chocolate, Crème Brulee and Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting.

On the counter was an impressive display of an assortment of cookies. Even the cookies had a Red Velvet counterpart:


Also, a platter of Tres Leches with Mango were available.


Excuse the crap photos.

Other than cookies and cupcakes, there were rolls of bread—the usual ones and some Spanish bread too. The full list of products and prices presents a variety of other treats, even Mochi, Tarts and Cream Puffs.

I bought one tres leches and one red velvet cupcake. I’m not a big fan of cupcakes, because the cupcakes you’d get as a kid at parties were too sweet, too buttery, too soft or too whatever. It’s safe to say that Sophie’s Mom is the ultimate cupcake salvation for me. The cake itself is moist but light, and it’s definitely rich with flavor. The frosting is just the right kind of sweetness. The rum in the Tres Leches was interesting because you wouldn’t think it was there, but it perfectly compliments the mango slices that were inside the cake. I think the Red Velvet cupcakes also have melted chocolate inside the cake itself which makes each bite luscious and flavorful.

However, it is to note that Sophie’s Mom started out as an order-in for bigger things like parties and events. (They design specialty art cakes, one was like Van Gogh’s Starry Night on a three-tier cake and the other the shape of a shoe.) And with where it’s at right now, business has progressed tremendously well. The branch we visited was the one in the residential districts of Makati. The only other branch I know is located at the ground floor of SM Megamall.

Sophie’s Mom is unquestionable when it comes to the treats and sweets, but there is only one thing that I disliked: the packaging.

Well the logo type is not bad. In fact, it’s adorable! What’s bad about the packaging isn’t really a big deal, but if you buy less than four cupcakes, you don’t get them in a box, just a low-ceiling plastic container. Because of the height, it ruins the icing because it gets smushed on the lid. If you’re going to give a cupcake as a gift for someone, make sure to bring your own box.

But since Sophie’s Mom is more of a big order type business, it’s well understood that for now, the individual orders aren’t really their main focus. But I’m hoping they would fix this some day when they plan on making it a full-blown specialty cupcakes and sweet store.

After I went back to campus, holding the cupcakes in a plastic container, people kept asking me where I got them. Imagine if I had a special box packaging for my individual purchase, with the logo “Sophie’s Mom” printed out and stripes of pink and white lining the box–in that sense, every one of their customers will become a walking advertisement. And I may not even have to write about them anymore, because by then, everyone would start talking!

And also, the whipped cream atop my Tres Leches wouldn’t have fallen.

But once you sink your teeth in that soft, sweet cupcake, you’ll forget all those things about designs and packaging. The mark of a great cupcake is the cake itself, and I’m happy to say that Sophie’s Mom does more than just pass the mark.


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