The Stars in the Filipino Blogosphere

A lot of people in Manila who begin blogging think that there are a select few blogs run and written by other Filipinos too. Okay, they know, at least, that anyone can have a blog, but barely any good ones to read. A lot of them just read blogs posted from across the Pacific. But I’m telling you now that you don’t have to go far for some great insight.

Today, I was messaged by The Appletizer that she nominated me for “The Versatile Blogger Award”, which might as well be a sort of online tag. You feature fifteen other bloggers, and urge them to do the same.

But I don’t know fifteen versatile bloggers, but I do know a couple good ones that you have to go check out and read.

The Appletizer

Of course I’m going to feature her here. The Appletizer is actually a registered nurse living in Iloilo, and she usually blogs about a lot of the things in her career, and a lot of the things that aren’t related to it. Her bubbly attitude makes her blog a fun yet informative read.

Zombies Ate Your Brains

Ramblings of a Zombified Geek

Run and written by intergalactic ambassador of peace, Janica Buenconsejo, ZAYB is an online one-stop portal for all things geeky. Insightful and enlightening, Janica writes about films, music, things she find on the internet, books, and just about anything that might interest the general population of the Geekiverse. She’s front and center on streaming television shows like BBC Sherlock or HBO’s Game of Thrones, so once it’s out, you could expect a synopsis-plus-analysis of the episode on her blog.

Janica’s been publicized and tweeted about by International Bestselling Author Neil Gaiman, and was once talked about by a Filipino newscaster for her post on weird Filipino signage.

You can follow her twitter filled with witty geekery via her twitter handle: @janica_buenkie

Our Awesome Planet

A blog on food and travel written by a family man, Our Awesome Planet has been the most comprehensive online review (wow, parang exam lang?) portal for all good-eats inside and outside Manila. His reviews include great description of flavors, but also his family’s dining experience, with pictures beautifully taken. He also makes sure to include the budget requirement for each restaurant he reviews, so if you need to find out about food, this is the best place to go.


A life blog of UP-D graduate, writer Anna Oposa, which includes posts on the environment and her insights on plenty of things, to be honest. There is nothing I could write to encourage you to read her blog, except maybe for: She’s ANNA. OPOSA. You have got to read her blog.

Stories and Pictures.

— It’s more interesting than it sounds, really!

Hedda Damasco’s personal blog is filled with unique insights on the world around us as well as great photography pieces. They may seem like random musings from a college student, but trust me, her pieces are worth the read. Hedda is currently a writer for The LaSallian, the official English publication within our university.

Your Average Freak

Bernadine Recrio is a tumblr famous Engineering major and a writer for the Malate Literary Circle. She does song covers, writes prose and poetry, and updates on bits and pieces of her life. The occasional Pottermore here and there, and some Dramione, and sometimes even about Avatar Korra show up. Her personal life updates aren’t the simple “today I did this–” type, but take her witty writing style to a whole new blog experience. At times, even her feelings are written in the most literary ways. Her blog is always designed beautifully, and I can only assume that her artistic friends from Malate are to blame.

Now, one of the biggest factions of Filipino blogging would be fashion . . . apparently.

No Ordinary Beauty Queen

Marianne Matic was just a small-town school girl, part time writer for The Sparks (the school publication in our high school where I met her) then she moved on to pursue nursing. And all of a sudden, I see her in beauty competitions, and then she becomes a DJ for Magic under the screen name DJ Ianne. What’s she trying to get at? Well, her blog was called No Ordinary Beauty Queen for a reason. When she joined a pageant in college, the main issue was her being one of the big girls. She has proven–and proven successfully–that plus size bods are just as beautiful.

“DJ Ianne”, Mar Matic of Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen during her coronation for title of Ms. Nursing.

Now, her blog’s been featured on various publications, and she continues to blog regularly. Her blogs now include product reviews on cosmetics, updates on fashion, etc.

What’s great about her is that she’s here to prove that beauty comes in all sizes.

Also, if you follow her blog, you could get a chance to win a free giveaway every now and then.

Joshua Dizon MNL

This blog is run by a marketing genius, and I’m telling you, he’ll grow famous for it one day. A Liberal Arts student in De LaSalle, his posts range from fashion to fashion to more fashion. But he’s a great photographer too. If you’re on tumblr, trust me, he’s worth the follow. His blog is a visual treat. JoshuaDizonMNL is one of the most original photo-blogs I’ve come across.

Men’s fashion! He’s straight, in case you’re asking.

Fashion 4.0

The title of this blog comes from the 4.0 GPA grading system in university, and posts various looks and ensembles they find worn within campus. Then they grade it.

Engineering Student Red Duterte, among many others of this blog’s featured looks.

And then they do it again the next day.

A Shoe Tale

Vern Enciso was dubbed one of the top eleven most fashionable of De La Salle University and there’s just no denying it. She’s also one of the top Fashion bloggers in the Philippines, with the window selection of the Roxy store designed by her.

Fashion icon Vern Enciso on her recent update on A Shoe Tale


Mmmerche is mainly an Arts blog, run by history major (or is it history graduate?) Desi Tolentino. She’s an artist from the Malate Literary Circle. She also does posts on fashion. I do believe I’ve featured her once on this blog, and I’d just like to warn you that she looks a lot like Lady Gaga without make-up on.

Also, a reason why I put this up here today was because of the recent piece of news:

The Philippines has been ranked the top most proficient country for English in business. In truth, it’s by our culture that Filipinos really are good with handling different languages. We are a race that is bilingual and we do well at that. Of course I’m hoping that Filipinos won’t forget their own language, but with the way I see things, even these writers speak mostly Filipino.

It’ll be Philippine Independence Day next week, and I’m hoping everyone would find a way to celebrate that.

I hope everyone would be able to truly say that they are Proudly Pinoy.

Proudly Pinoy!


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