Turning the Tides: Legend of Korra 1-10

Turning the Tides may be the most appropriate title for this episode, because Legend of Korra has finally turned it around for us. I am very happy to say that I have underestimated the potential of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. The series has developed so well, and so perfectly–and if you thought it wasn’t going to live up to expectations before, now is your chance to change your opinion.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode, you can watch it here before you read on:

92837429873 from Ayame on Vimeo
If the video asks for a password, just type in: avatarchapterstv.

We begin our episode with Avatar Korra, asleep after the entire kidnap scenario from the night before. Watching over her is Mako. And watching Mako from the door is his girlfriend, Asami.

All this peacefulness is soon shattered once the councilmen are captured by the Equalists. Tenzin manages to dodge electrocution attacks because of his beard.

Other highlights of this episode include:

  • Korra’s bad parking skills
  • Mechtanks
  • Meelo’s Fart Bending
  • The AsaMaKorra love triangle
  • The PemaTenLin love triangle
  • The Last Airbenders
  • A baby
  • Plenty of Beifong Feels
  • And Zuko gets reincarnated

This episode comes just in time to celebrate Father’s Day, with Tenzin and his family getting a new baby coming in, right when the air ships start to attack Air Temple Island.

Time for a shot with Daddy Tenzin!

Tenzin and Pema with Rohan

But of course, we can’t let Daddy Tenzin do all the work. Here we see ten-year-old big sister Jinora, setting aside her childhood to protect her family. And Lin Beifong.

Jinora: “Stay away from my father’s ex-girlfriend!”
Lin Beifong’s concerned face.

I honestly think that this is the most beautiful shot we’ve had of Lin’s face so far.

But Lin Beifong doesn’t like staying out of trouble, and as her act of preservation for the Last Airbenders, she jumps on to an air ship, like her mother once did, and tries to sabotage them.

As if Amon would let that happen to one of Sato’s creations.

What is dead may never die, Lin Beifong.
Lin Beifong paid the Iron Price.
Lin Beifong in what seems to be the most painful thing I could ever see in an animated series.

Some of the last and most painful frames with Lin Beifong.


The only consolation is the family she tried to save–a family that isn’t even her own; a family she could have had but didn’t.

Let’s look back at said family.

The Airbender Family celebrating Father’s Day with the birth of Rohan, the newest Airbender, with Pema, Meelo, Ikee, Jinora and Tenzin huddled together around him.

And somehow, it doesn’t seem fair. But we’ve got to remember that the family she saved tried to save her too.

And, she saved this little guy, Baby Rohan.

On behalf of the fandom, Meelo says, “That lady is my hero.”

We could only hope that a new hero will help us save her and the rest of Republic City.

Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

But this time, it’s a good thing, becase we have Uncle2.0: General Iroh.

The Fire Nation’s being all Lannister-y this time, trying to save everyone at the very last minute with a huge fleet. And it’s kind of odd hearing Dante Basco’s voice, not because I’m used to it being Zuko’s, but because his voice is so young sounding. And General Iroh definitely doesn’t look like a teen. If anything, he looks like Superman.

I think he’s the old Uncle Iroh who time traveled to the future as a young man.

I don’t know what Iroh’s gonna be able to do for us now, but this definitely makes up for all the previous episodes. It’s good to see that they weren’t just wasting frames, lacking story, and that every moment spent was actually for some important character development. This just turns the tides completely, and I’d have to change my original ranking to an 8.5.

Next week’s going to be the one-hour season finale, and I don’t know how I’d be able to live through that.

Legend of Korra is a worthy sequel and now I feel like I have to run off to tumblr and cry out all my Beifong Feels.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!


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