SDCC12 Korra Panel

Fresh from the San Diego Comic Con, the Legend of Korra Panel announced yesterday, July 13, 2012, that the LoK fandom is finally getting everything they asked for. Primarily, an additional 26 episodes, giving the series a total of 52 episodes–that’s four books in all.

After Book One: Air aired its season finale, fans were outraged by the rushed and crudely cut storyline. Book Two will be aptly titled Spirits, and will mostly be focused on Korra going through the spirit world. The story will pick up 6 months after Book One, starting with a celebration at Korra’s hometown, the Southern Water Tribe. It was said that Team Avatar was set for an adventure to the Southern Air Temples which were never really explored in The Last Airbender.

Heartless Spirit Being

Among the announcements were the new characters introduced and their designs. This new set will feature some of Korra’s family members, namely her uncle Unolok and her cousins, a pair of brother and sister twins.

Korra’s Uncle Unolok
The Unnamed Twin Brother, Korra’s cousin, Unolok’s son
The Unnamed Twin Sister
Faces of the twin sister

The concept art for the twin sister’s faces seem to hint a very quiet, deep-thinking character. The upper-rightmost face is showing a violent reaction. Will she be possessed by some spirit monster? Will she try to evoke some emotion from Korra through arguments? I wonder what her role will be.

As part of getting to know her family, her mother Senna and Father Tonraq will be here too. Their amount of screentime was not said.

Korra’s mother, Senna
Avatar Korra’s Father, Tonraq in full Winter Gear

A younger version of Tonraq and his Chris Hemsworth body was revealed as well. I don’t know why we’ll be seeing Korra’s father’s earlier days. Perhaps a flashback, or a Spirit World thing?

Young Tonraq

One of the new characters announced is a man named Verick, whose role is yet to be revealed. It was said that he’ll have a good relationship with Bolin. Maybe this is the answer to the cry of the Bolin fans asking for some excuse to give their favorite Pro-Bender some time in the limelight?

Introducing: Verick

Maybe. But we don’t really know what he’ll be here for yet. His costume is perhaps the first most westernized outfit (with the exception of war/military uniforms) and seems most possibly a part of the elite.

The Many Faces of Verick

Tenzin’s sister Kya will also be playing a major role this season, and will have a good relationship with Jinorra.

Kya full costume
The only daughter of Katara and Aang, Kya, sister of Bumi and Tenzin

Bumi, who showed up at the last episode from the previous season, will make a reappearance with a kicking set of some badass pink earmuffs.

Because fluffy pink earmuffs are just the thing for a general of the Fire Nation.

The entire Team Avatar will have to re-stock their wardrobes for the cold winter down south, so everyone’s getting a costume change.

from the San Diego Comic Con 2012, Legend of Korra Panel. Avatar Korra gets redesigned, with arm warmers and a darker colored top.

Mako Redesigned

Bolin Redesigned

I did not see any General Iroh 2.0 redesigns, but they did give us a second Asami costume, as the heiress of Future Industries.

Asami looking all Amelia-ish in her second new outfit, as she’s expected to inherit Future Industries after her father’s downfall.

There is nowhere online yet to watch the full panel, but you can read the article on IGN’s Comic Con hub. All of the Panel photos are from one of the fandom’s top list, the PabuCast‘s co-host OwlDee’s tumblr–check for more of the concept art especially for the scenery.

You can watch a summary of the panel announcements here:

And the panel impression from IGN here:

It is expected that the fandom will be posting the full panel on youtube late Sunday or early Monday.


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