Avatar Korra says Goodbye to Television

Angry fans unleashed a raging wave of tweets and tumblr posts in the panic of Avatar: The Legend of Korra‘s possible cancellation earlier today, following the announcement of NickAndMore that the show would be pulled off air from their semi-weekly schedule on Nickelodeon. Don’t worry Korra, your approval ratings are higher than Nickelodeon’s. 10PercentAlive LoK… Read More Avatar Korra says Goodbye to Television

Reblog Therapy

It’s a good day to not write anything and just reblog, reblog, reblog. Replurking, retweeting, reposting, sharing, linking, tagging–the virtual world is very much like our modern industries. Everyone is a consumer. But the general labor force is divided into two major factions. There are creative minds hidden away in little rooms, often alone, sometimes… Read More Reblog Therapy