Watch List: Heart Broken and Healing

Recently it was announced that reversing the effects of Alzheimers and regaining memory is a definite possibility that we can see in the near future. All of the research that we have, of all the illnesses that we have conquered, and all the epidemics that we have stopped–and, in so doing, prevented–and yet there is still no cure, not even an inkling on how to mend the woes of the heart, the gut-wrenching, twisty feeling that we all know is the singularity sucking you in, calling upon your physical self to join your internal soul in the dark confines of a tentative nowhereness.

If you have suffered the disconnection of a tether that once connected you to another human soul, and there is a hole in your chest–in your gut, in your mind, in your being–then it is most unfortunate that I must inform you that there is no cure. However, we do have movies and tubs of ice cream.

So settle in. It’s time for the utterly cathartic and definitively therapeutic ritual of the media binge.

  1. If Only

Anyone who’s just lost the one they loved would likely wish they could turn back time and do it again, fix things, and do everything in their power to protect the relationship they had. And in If Only, Ian gets that exact chance to make things right.

What it’s about: After Ian messes up and loses Samantha, he wakes up the next morning realizing it was a repeat of the day before. He then realizes all of the little things he neglected, Sam’s efforts he never thanked her for, and uses that entire day to make things right with her.

How it heals: You can’t be stuck wishing it never ended, or counting all your past mistakes of what you could have done better. This movie gets to do that for you.

  1. Moulin Rouge!

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return. And when you’ve loved and you’ve lost, then the second best thing to learn is that’s still better than to never have loved at all.

What it’s about: A writer named Christian hits Paris in the middle of the Bohemian Revolution, and through some confusion met, and consequently fell in love with Satine, the star courtesan and crowning jewel of the Moulin Rouge. Theirs was a forbidden love, as Satine was already spoken for by a very wealthy and very jealous patron, who would do just about anything to have Satine as his own.

How it heals: through 70s power ballads and top hits, this musical will soothe the cynicism of never being able to love again

  1. Scott Pilgrim Versus The World

Everyone has baggage, but probably yours is nothing compared to Ramona Flowers’ Seven Evil Exes. Sometimes what you really need to get over your past is to defeat them. Literally. Using a sword and the power of Self-Respect.

What it’s about: Scott Pilgrim has a few things going for him. He’s in a band. He’s got a cute girlfriend who adored him. But everything changed when he met the literal girl of his dreams, because he actually saw her in his dreams. And they actually met in real life. Cool. But now that they’re dating, her past relationships have come to destroy Scott in their jealous rage. Not cool.

How it heals: With arcade-like boss fight scenes, you get reminded how dumb your exes actually were, and you were probably better for having dumped them.

  1. Ruby Sparks

If he was more in love with the idea of love than actually being in love with you, and if he tried to tell you what you can and can’t do, or which friends you can’t hang out with, then you definitely know how Ruby feels.

What it’s about: Literary prodigy Calvin had a writing assignment, and ended up falling in love with the character he wrote. In the process, however, she actually comes to life. With the power to control the way she acts through his writing, Calvin struggles between loving Ruby for who she is, as a person in the real world and capable of making choices, and controlling her to suit him.

How it heals: Because you know your ex wasn’t a bad guy. He didn’t cheat, and you don’t really hate him. You just hate how you lost who you really were to be with him. It’s okay, in this movie, he’ll learn to let you go.

  1. Legally Blonde


You had your entire life planned. Everybody loves you. You are the queen, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Then suddenly, you’re not good enough for him anymore? As if. Elle Woods didn’t take that treatment sitting down.


What it’s about: Sorority sister Elle Woods had the biggest shock of her life when her boyfriend admitted that he wasn’t taking her seriously, and he had to leave her to establish his reputation. Elle decided that if he feels he’s worth better, then she’s going to become better—she decided to enter law school. In style.


How it heals: Honey, nobody’s too good for you.


  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

A Judd Apatow-brand romantic comedy about winning the breakup, and trying to move on, Forgetting Sarah Marshall brings the star-studded comedic cast of Jason Segel, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Russell Brand, and Jonah Hill together in Hawaii to show that moving on is as easy as learning to surf.

What it’s about: Everybody loves Sarah Marshall, especially Peter. So when she cheated on him and broke his heart, Peter’s world fell to pieces. After moping around, he finally decided to take a trip to Hawaii to clear his head, where—oh, hello—Sarah was there too. With her new super famous rockstar boyfriend.

How it heals: Sarah was a world-renowned actress, and Peter was just a nobody. Through all that time, he treated Sarah like a goddess. And now Peter gets a chance to learn to love himself first.

  1. Becoming Jane


With the most pivotal romances in literary history, Jane Austen is anything but plain.


What it’s about: Anne Hathaway portrays a young Jane Austen, a spunky young spirit, with dreams and aspirations of becoming a writer. Becoming Jane follows through the story of her life, and mirrors it to the events of Pride and Prejudice.


How it heals: It’s no secret that Jane Austen stayed unwed, despite being a highly-acclaimed romance author. Other than romantic, the real Jane was practical, and had to make decisions and stand by them firmly. You had to leave. It was for the best. You have to believe that.


  1. Bride Wars

Happily ever after is a lot of hard work, and forever is a long time. Wedding planning is a test of patience, resilience, and genuine love. Some just don’t pass.

What it’s about: Childhood best friends Liv and Emma have always dreamed of their June Wedding at the Plaza. And now they’re finally going to have it. At the same time.

How it heals: Sometimes you need an imaginary catfight with all your friends whose romantic lives are perfect. And sometimes, you just need to realize that you grow and change, and your partner couldn’t handle that.

  1. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist


Michael Cera and Kat Dennings pair up for a coming-of-age romance film about seizing the moment, and not being hung up on exes.


What it’s about: Nick, Norah, and their crazy friends are on an all-night hunt to find  the secret show of their favorite band.


How it heals: Through mishaps and adventure, you learn to relish in the Now, and let go of the past.


  1. Up


How do you deal with losing the love of your life? By going on an adventure, of course!


What it’s about: An old widower saves the house he and his late wife loved by putting it in the air with a thousand balloons, and setting it afloat to the dream destination they once dreamed of together. Hindering him, however, was the discovery of a stow-away, a young boy scout who really just wants to be his friend.


How it heals: You’ll know that your heart is big enough to love new people when the past love is gone. Plus, it’s really cute.


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