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Thoughtspresso is all about keeping the mind alive, filling it with fuel, and churning out great ideas. What you eat, drink, watch, and read all started out as ideas, and they’re all worth talking about.

So here I am, Mmina Mac, countless books and cups of coffee later, talking to you about the great ideas of our world today. I hunt down people who don’t pay their loans during the day time, but mostly, I’m kind of a geek that acts like a curator to the world. And I–much to my friends’ chagrin–am a morning person. I keep my mind percolating through a constant a hunt for the new and creative, and whether online or in neighborhood coffee shops, I’m always ready to discuss my latest finds.

So talk to me with your ideas, ideas, ideas: twitter, facebook, instagramtumblr.

Offerings of coffee, tea, books, sci-fi, and/or gardening materials are to be deposited on my doorstep.


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