Thoughtspresso Logo - Cerauno Header

Thoughtspresso is all of the ideas you uncover at the bottom of a cup of coffee.

This site is run by an analyst-by-day but is a creative-by-night that is caffeinated-twenty-four-seven.

A serial hobbyist, Mmina is an enthusiast of many things, most notably hot beverages. She’s a snob about single origin pour-over coffee, but indulges regularly in iced caramel lattes. She enjoys collecting useless information and overthinking the messages in pop culture because she insists that the meaning Must Be Deeper Than That.

She hates it when Grammarly advises her to forego the Oxford comma.

She likes to complain about the world through the following platforms: twitter, facebook, instagramtumblr. Her feed is only redeemed through the grace of small, furry animal videos.

The Thoughtspresso logo was designed with the help of A Human Being.

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